Most Common Skin Problems In Teenagers

Most Common Skin Problems In Teenagers

Teenagers should not avoid the most common skin problems!

Being teenager is a Rollercoaster ride ! Growing up is something like a beautiful phase of everyone’s life, mostly teenagers at this age are full of passion, desire, energy, and beauty! Adolescence occurs at the age of 11 or 12yrs. At the puberty age, hormonal production starts to increase which leads to numerous skin problems & hair problems like acne or pimples, body odor, and dandruff, hair fall. If one ignores all the skin problems and do not treat them at the right time can add up to emotional stress. These skin conditions may cause anxiety, stress, and lack of self-confidence !

What are the common skin problems/ skin conditions teenagers face?

Acne/pimples and scars

We all are familiar with acne or pimples. As most of us are dealing with this common skin problem at teenage. Let understand Acne-We all have tiny openings in our skin called pores.  During the teen period (pubescent years), the production of sebum oil is increased and this causes pores to clog. Pimple arises when the dead skin cells or dirt stick and clog pores. And acne occurs when bacteria named Propionibacterium acne, which are existing inside the pores cause inflammation. There are various types of acne. Comedones (white head, blackhead), pustular(pus filled),nodulocystic which are painful nodule and acne tend to leave dark spots and scars.


Common symptoms: when the pores are blocked with dead skin cell and oil gland (Sebaceous gland) along with bacterial infection becomes swollen, reddish and inflamed. This results infection and inflammation inside the skin and results in nodules or cysts and very commonly it appears on the forehead, cheeks, back, arms, chest, and shoulders.

If this acne, blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, lumps, and zits are left untreated then over a period of time it tends to leave scars which gives an uneven and rough structure to your skin. Which lowers your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Everyone can get rid of these types of skin problems /skin conditions by consulting the good dermatologist/skin specialist at the early stage.

Dandruff –

Isn’t it awkward to itch your skull in front of others? But dandruff is the most common scalp problem/ scalp condition at this age group. Mostly it depends on the skin type and scalp care. It’s just a skin condition when dry skin flakes appear on your scalp and are dusted all over the head and shoulder. But it can be embarrassing and tough to treat. It causes due to the fungus called Malassezia which feeds on oil on your scalp and leaves oleic acid in its place. The natural oil on your scalp increases the production of sebum which leads to dandruff and this dandruff-producing condition is called seborrheic dermatitis. Over a period of time this causes hair fall and Acne on forehead, back, shoulders.

We often consider that this scalp condition occurs because of improper washing, brushing, oily scalp .

Common symptoms: Dandruff symptoms are noticeable when white flakes appear in the hair and dusty white particles cause itching and burning in the scalp. Rashes around the face like forehead, eyebrows, ears, nose, and beard.

The most successful treatment for dandruff is to know the exact cause of your dandruff by consulting the good dermatologist in your city. And know the best suit for your hair and skin care treatment.

Body odor and excessive sweating:

Body odor is due to excessive sweating and we call it hyperhidrosis. In this condition, two things are responsible for the unpleasant smell, the first is bacteria on your skin

And second is sweat production on your skin

We have sweat glands in our body that secret the chemical substance when the chemical substances interact with skin bacteria it produces the body smell or odor.

There are two kinds of sweat glands.

The eccrine gland, which appears all over the skin and this gland is found in males and females and releases sweat through skin pores on the skin surface to maintain the body temperature or to cool down the body.

The apocrine gland: this gland begins to function at the age of puberty and is found in specific areas of our body like the armpit and groin where the pubic hair is grown.

The more sweat your body secretes, the more precursors (substances) available for bacteria to generate and release body odor.

In this stage the most important thing is to maintain hygiene, a regular bath can help you to overcome this problem and if you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis the dermatologist can help you to treat excessive sweating.

There is wide range of options to get rid of all teenage skin problems with the right consultation and effective skin treatments from the dermatologist. If you’re dwelling in Pune city then our skin specialist/ best dermatologist in Pune helps to overcome all your skin problems!

To make Your teenage rollercoaster ride enjoyable we should follow good skin & hair care and if have any skin problems consult a Dermatologist!

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