Dull Skin Treatment

The glow and radiance of your skin add up to your personality and it reflects through your lifestyle choices, skin care regime, diet, and nutrition. The more you pay attention to these factors, more charm and youthfulness it adds to your skin. Physiological processes make our skin continue to shed old dead cells and replenish with new rejuvenated ones, and this adds up to healthy and nourished skin.
Dr.Madhavi’s Skin Central Skin brings some of the most popular and advanced cosmetic procedures for dull skin. We provide a holistic treatment covering both the medical and aesthetic aspects, to bring back the rejuvenated skin in its prime glory. These treatments include chemical peels, Mesotherapy, laser toning, administered by our expert dermatologists.


Chemical Peeling

As a clinically controlled exfoliation procedure, the chemical peel is one of the most popular treatments for glowing skin. It helps in micro-exfoliating the dead skin layers in a medically controlled environment. Gives an instant glow and reduces tan and blemishes. It also works for sensitive skin in reducing fine lines. Improves skin color, blemishes, and texture of the skin. Peels also give clearing effects and reduce tan lines, excess oil and wrinkles.

Laser Toning

One of the most advanced dull skin treatment that is extremely safe and effective in bringing back the natural glow of the skin with added rejuvenation and radiance. It works on almost all Indian skin types and helps in sub-dermal collagen production that improves the skin texture, open pores, skin tone, and overall appearance. Give your Skin the rejuvenation it requires with the Dull Skin Treatments at The Skin Central.